Friday, June 25, 2010

How Large is the Library?

Did you know that the Warren Public Library has 170,296 books? If you read one book every day, it would take you 466 years to read everything we own! Listen to a CD a day? That would be 32 years of your time. Movies? You’re looking at 45 years of hard time! Flipping through one magazine title per day would take you almost 3 years, not including back issues!

When the neighborhood branches – Busch, Burnette, and Miller – close next week, patrons will only have access to the Civic Center collection, which includes 55,672 books, 6,126 DVDs, 3,229 CDs, and 444 magazine titles. While that’s still quite a chunk of time reading and watching one by one – you’d spend 179.4 years doing it all – imagine how much more you’d have to choose from if the libraries reopen in August.

A few more numbers to crunch:

How many books do you borrow in a year? If it’s only one per week, using the library has saved you $1,200 per year.

That’s 184 McDonald’s lunches:

638 gallons of milk:

25 tanks of gas:

39 nights out at the movies (2 tickets, 2 drinks, 1 popcorn.):

or 4 video game systems!

How much is the library worth to you? Do your own calculations by using our Value Calculator!

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