Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outside of a Dog, #81

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx

In 1945, photographer Joe Rosenthal won a Pulitzer Prize for the now-famous photograph entitled "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, (seen here)" the photo that eventually became the USMC War Memorial in Washington, D.C(seen here).

In honor of Rosenthal's photo, today we're featuring books about great photos, art, and photography:

Life sixty years: a 60th anniversary celebration 1936-1996

The complete airbrush and photo-retouching manual - Peter Owen
751.494 O WCV SHL

Black and white photography: a basic manual - Harry Horenstein
770.28 H WCV

The day we walked on the moon: a photo history of space exploration - George Sullivan
Juv 629.45 S WAM

National Geographic photography field guide: secrets to making great pictures - Peter Burian

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Did you know...?

Senior citizens can receive tax help from AARP twice weekly at the City Hall? Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9 am to noon, you can come to the Conference Room outside of the Civic Center Library for help filing your taxes.

If you just need forms and publications, any librarian can help you, provided you know the number of the form you need. We can print them up for you for 10 cents per page.
If you prefer to have something mailed to your home, the IRS has a page that allows you to order up to 10 different forms and publications to be mailed to your home for free! (These will take 7 to 15 business days to arrive.)
Forms and Publications by U.S. Mail
If you need assistance with this, just ask!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Outside of a Dog, #80

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx

When you look outside and see a blanket of white, what better to do than imagine a vacation in the sunshine? These travel books are interesting and offbeat, and will help take your mind off the bitter cold with great information and photographs.

Mini Mickey: The pocket-sized unofficial guide to Walt Disney World – Bob Sehlinger

We’ve all heard the sound bites from previous Super Bowl winners, and the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees is no exception: “I’m going to Disney World!” Travel to the House of Mouse with this small guide and learn the ups, downs, and all-arounds of one of the biggest and best vacation spots.

917.59 M SBL

Ohio Curiosities: quirky characters, roadside oddities, and other offbeat stuff – Sandra Gurvis

Thousands of ears of corn, autographed hot dog buns, and… preserved fingers? These and more weird and wacky stops are yours in the destination to the South (and rival!) state of Ohio. Whether you’ve never been, or you’re returning again, author Gurvis introduces readers and travelers alike to comical creations and outrageous oddities.

917.71 G WAM

Chicken soup for the traveler’s soul: stories of adventure, inspiration and insight to celebrate the spirit of travel – Jack Canfield

The Chicken Soup books come in all shapes, sizes and categories now, from dog lovers to dieters and even golfers. This collection of short, true, stories is all about the wanderlust of new places and explorations worldwide.

158.1 C WMB

158.12 C FRA


Fodor’s green travel: the world’s best eco-lodges and earth-friendly hotels – Beth Hall

If you’re concerned about the carbon footprint you leave when traveling, this book is for you. Fodor’s, one of the leading travel guide publishers, has put together a great, detailed index of the most green places to travel and stay.

910.46 F 2008 WCV

Don’t go there!: The travel detective’s essential guide to the must-miss places of the world – Peter Greenberg

Ever dreamed of going somewhere, only to arrive and find the beach wasn’t what you thought it’d be, and the room service was unfriendly, or even nonexistent? Greenberg, travel editor for NBC’s Today show, discusses places that stick (literally!), cruise ships to avoid, and dismal destinations. It’s an amusing and informative read.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Outside of a Dog, #79

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx.

Last week, the literary world lost a great many prolific writers, maybe most notably J.D. Salinger. Also gone are historian Howard Zinn, mystery author Ralph McInerny, and fantasy writer Kage Baker. Here, we list our favorite books by these gone too soon scribes.

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
A staple of most high school and Advanced Placement summer reading lists, Salinger's first and most famous book has inspired legions of readers to be true to themselves and not the "phony" superficiality of the world. This coming-of-age novel is still used and criticized today for its literary merit.
Fic Salinger WCV WDB WMB
YA Fic Salinger WAM

Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger
Salinger collected his nine stories that had previously appeared in The New Yorker, Harpers, and The World Review here and titled it as exactly what his readers should expect: nine short stories. This includes the very famous "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" and "Teddy," which is a logical end to Bananafish's beginning.
Fic Salinger WAM
Fic SS Salinger WMB

Mendoza in Hollywood by Kage Baker
One of Baker's "The Company" series, this time travel science fiction novel follows the botanist Mendoza through her present location and her past stories and lovers. These 24th century novels are tightly plotted, taking a new look at old time travel tropes through the eyes of an enduring 'company' of regular narrators.

Mother Aegypt and Other Stories by Kage Baker
The title story once again visits with members of "The Company," and the others included here go all over time and the world and other universes with Baker's exquisite prose. Occasionally, the characters are derived or inspired by other classic works of literature, too.

Her Death of Cold by Ralph McInerny
Author of over 100 books (including the Father Dowling mysteries and some nonfiction), Ralph McInerny was a longstanding staple of many patrons' Must-Read lists. He began with this first Father Dowling mystery in 1977.
M Fic (Storage) MTC M McInerny RSV

Half Past Nun: A Sister Mary Teresa Mystery by Ralph McInerny
Written under the pen name "Monica Quill," after the success of the Father Dowling mysteries, Sister Mary Teresa is a sleuth not unlike her predecessor. Here, she looks back in time to find the connection between several murder victims, all without leaving the convent. Mystery fans of any stripe will love this crafty tale.
Fic Quill ARM CHE
Mys Quill SHL

A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
Long thought to be one of the most enlightening books on American history, Zinn's classic nonfiction offering (first printed in 1980) is still used today. Flipping the history most people learned in school on its ear, A People's History looks at history from the eyes of the working class, everyday people, rather than the educated and elite.
973 Z WDB

Three Strikes: Stories of American Labor by Howard Zinn
A collection of three essays by three historians, Zinn appears here with an extended look at the Colorado Coal Strike of 1913-1914.
331.892 Z WMB