Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Outside of a Dog, #1

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx

A new column of book suggestions we hope you'll enjoy.

While you're waiting to be #1 on the list for "T is for Trespass" (302 and counting!), try one of these dramas:

Shapiro, Dani – Family History LT F SHAPIRO, TPL
A husband and wife find their marriage tested by their teen-age daughter. She has developed some serious emotional problems that both parents find difficult to understand and handle.

Downs, Robert – The Fifth Season FIC DOWNS, SHL
Sixty-six year old Teddy Neel must put his own life on hold while he struggles with the challenges of offering care and support to his aging parents. The story is a heartfelt look at the often frustrating and painful dilemmas adult children face in becoming caregivers to their elderly parents.

Shriver, Lionel – We Need to Talk about Kevin FIC SHRIVER, WAM
A woman learns that it is her young son who has killed several of his fellow students in a well-planned but apparently unprovoked and deadly attack. How both arrived at that horrible day makes up the heart of this poignant story.

Halpin, Brendan – Donorboy YA FIC HALPIN, ROG
Told in the form of instant messages and email, this is the story of a young adolescent girl who goes to live with her sperm donor father when her lesbian moms are killed in an auto accident.

Hamilton, Jane – A Map of the World FIC HAMILTON, WDB
A neighbor’s child accidentally drowns while Alice Goodwin was watching her. The tragic event has devastating repercussions for the entire Goodwin family.

Dewberry, Elizabeth – Sacrament of Lies FIC DEWBERRY, RSV
A complicated and psychological mystery set in the cutthroat political area of New Orleans. The plot centers on the daughter of a man running from governor. His ambitions cause his distraught daughter to wonder if her mother’s death was really an accident.

Farrington, Tim – The Monk Downstairs FIC FARRINGTON, HPW
A story involving a slow and sweet romance between a jaded and overworked graphic designer and a man, who, since leaving the monastery is working at the local McDonald’s unsure of what direction his life should now take.

Bohjalian, Chris – Before You Know Kindness BKD FIC BOHJALIAN, WMB
After animal rights activist Spencer is accidentally shot by his daughter, the whole family must wrestle with the painful repercussions.

Hickman, Martha Whitmore – Such Good People FIC HICKMAN, MTC
A freak accident on vacation forces a family to accept and cope with the accidental death of a child. Intense but ultimately a hopeful and uplifting reading experience.

Guest, Judith – Errands FIC GUEST, WCV
When Keith Bowner, a decent and beloved teacher dies of brain cancer, his wife and three children must cope with his loss, and struggle to redefine them as a family.

Zadoorian, Michael – Second Hand FIC ZADOORIAN, WDB
Richard runs a second hand junk store outside of Detroit. He meets Theresa who works at an animal shelter. As their relationship grows they discover some fundamental truths about each other and the real value of things in life.

Samuel, Barbara – Piece of Heaven PB SAM, CLL
A recovering alcoholic faces new challenges when her difficult and caustic teenage daughter comes to live with her.


Diane said...

I just discovered your blog! This is an excellent feature -- thanks for doing this for us.

Diane H.

Warren Public Library said...

Thanks for commenting! We enjoy publishing the blog and hope you'll come back to see more.

"Outside of a Dog" will be a regular, bi-weekly column.