Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Cats or Dogs...

Or, "What to Read After You've Read Marley & Me"

250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You - Ingrid Newkirk
636.8 N SHL
Newkirk is the founder of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the advice offered here is firm and to the point. She doesn’t mince words on what she considers the loving and humane treatment of our feline companions. The book is written from a cat’s perspective and even if you think you know everything there is to know about cats and their care, I can guarantee this slim book will give you a lot to think about.

The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat - Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
Fiction Schaeffer SBL, TPL
This is the delightful and entertaining story of a wise old housecat named Foudini and his human family. His tale is told in a series of sentimental as well as heart wrenching reminisces to a young kitten named Grace. One of the most charming aspects of this book is that it can be read and enjoyed by anyone from an 8 year old niece to an 85 year old grandmother.

A Dog Year: 12 Months, Four Dogs, and Me - Jon Katz
636.70974 K MCL
Several years ago Katz switched from writing mysteries to writing about his experiences with dogs and hasn’t looked back since. This is the first in a loosely related series about his trials and tribulations with raising a border collie named Devon. Completely content with his two aging Labs, Katz gets talked into taking on a Border collie named Devon. This is a dog that seems to have so many behavior problems that only someone with the patience and temperament of St Francis could find anything lovable in his personality. From the moment Devon arrives the chaos ensues. The dedication in the book pretty much sums it up “to my wife who loves dogs, but not this much”!
Other titles followed:
The New Work of Dogs
Dog Days: Dispatches from Bedlam Farm
Katz on Dogs: A Commonsense Guide to Training and Living with Dogs

A Good Dog: The Story of Orson Who Changed My Life
The Dogs of Bedlam Farm: An Adventure with 16 sheep, 3 dogs, 2 donkeys, and Me

Pack of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs - Caroline Knapp
636.7 CLL
Ms. Knapp gives us her story and views on trying to stay sober with the help of a canine companion. Unusual and ultimately satisfying.

What the Dogs Have Taught Me and Other Amazing Things I've Learned - Merrill Markoe
814.54 M WAM
Markoe, famous in the entertainment industry for creating David Letterman's bit "Stupid Pet Tricks" (which later spawned "Stupid Human Tricks"), steps away to write short, easy-to-read, hard-to-put-down essays about life lessons. What the Dogs Have Taught Me begins with her telling of following her dogs around for a day, and what she imagines they would say if they could talk. I was laughing out loud, and reading snippets of it to anyone who would listen.

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