Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Usual Suspects

Anyone who enjoys reading mystery novels knows many authors write book after book featuring the same characters. Often the personal life of the main character changes and develops with each title.

Many regular readers of the genre prefer to read the books in correct order. This is so simple if you’re a fan of Sue Grafton who we alphabetically follow along. A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, and so on. If you know how to count you can easily identify Janet Evanovich’s series One for the Money, Two for Dough, as she counts her way up the best seller list with New Jersey bounty hunter bond enforcement agent Stephanie Plum. (Fearless Fourteen is due out in June!)

Unfortunately, many other popular mystery writers aren’t so fan friendly. Even more confusing is the fact that many authors write more than one series.

If you are considering starting a new series and would like to know which book is first or in what order to read the series, let us know. We’ll be happy to answer your request.

Susan Wittig Albert – Attorney China Bayles leaves her big city career to run a cozy little herb shop in west Texas.
Thyme of Death (1992)
Witches’ Bane (1993)
Hangman’s Root (1994)
Rosemary Remembered (1995)
Rueful Death (1996)
Love Lies Bleeding (1997)
Chile Death (1998)
Lavender Lies (1999)
Mistletoe Man (2000)
Bloodroot (2001)
Indigo Dying (2003)
Dilly of a Death (2004)
Deadman’s Bones (2005)
Bleeding Hearts (2006)
Spanish Dagger (2007)
Nightshade (2008)

Diane Mott Davidson – Ms. Mott created the character of Colorado’s culinary sleuth Goldy Bear Schultz. In addition to entertaining mysteries the books contain actual recipes.
Catering to Nobody (1990)
Dying for Chocolate (1992)
Cereal Murders (1993)
The Last Suppers (1994)
Killer Pancake (1995)
The Main Corpse (1996)
The Grilling Season (1997)
Prime Cut (1998)
Tough Cookie (2000)
Sticks and Scones (2001)
Chopping Spree (2002)
Double Shot ( 2004)
Dark Tort (2006)
Sweet Revenge (2007)

Kathy Reichs - Temperance "Tempe" Brennan, forensic anthropologist for the city of Quebec, leaves behind a divorce to solve crimes based on the bones left behind. These books inspired the hit Fox television show "Bones," starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz (of "Angel" fame), now in its fourth season. (Yes! We carry the DVDs, too!)
Deja Dead (1997)
Death Du Jour (1999)
Deadly Decisions (2000)
Fatal Voyage (2001)
Grave Secrets (2002)
Bare Bones (2003)
Monday Mourning (2004)
Cross Bones (2005)
Break No Bones (2006)
Bones to Ashes (2007)
Devil Bones (Due August 2008)

Jeff Lindsay - The Dexter books were once described to me as being about "an ethical serial killer." There are only three books, so far, but the HBO show has been called back for a second season, and author Lindsay is ready for more.
Darkly Dreaming Dexter (June 2005)
Dearly Devoted Dexter (July 2005)
Dexter in the Dark (2007)

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