Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Warren Civic Center Library is Coming Soon!

The Walt Whitman branch of the Warren Public Library will be moving to the ground floor of the new Warren City Hall building and renamed the Warren Civic Center Library.
The new library, twice the size of the Warren Arthur Miller branch, will offer separate spaces for children and teens, as well study rooms and a computer lab with 18 computers.
More details as they become available!
These pictures were taken on September 22, 2006.

The Young Adult area will have six computer stations

There will be an area for storytelling, complete with a puppet stage

A Special Collections room at the back of the library is enhanced by a fireplace donated by
the Friends of the Warren Library

The Atrium

Looking towards the Information Desk and the back of the library


The Foolish Freudian Rocker said...

It looks nice, but it'll never be better than the Arthur Miller Branch!

Kurt said...

Whose idea was closing Walt Whitman? It seems like the sort of thing the city should be able to vote on. Now we have no Warren library except on the left half of Warren. I saw no notice posted on the Walt Whitman regarding this happening while it was still open.
A chance for public feedback to this "great idea" would have been nice.

Anonymous said...

Kurt don't your read the Warren Weekly or the Newsbeat. Articles have been in those papers for the past few years. They told that Whitman was closing and moving into the City Hall LIbrary. In the last few months even the Macomb Daily, News and Free Press have written about the move. Notice was posted on the door at Whitman, hand outs were on the talk when you first walked into the library, plus the staff told everyone who checked something out that the library was closing/moving. At least, I was told and I saw the notices! Why didn't you?

Kurt said...

Yes, "Anonymous", when I heard a librarian tell someone at the desk that Walt Whitman was closing (rather like the rumor a couple of years ago when they said they didn't have enough money to stay open, but the Mayor's office said they did), I studied every posting by the door, and there was no notice of closing. However, there was one up after it closed.
Similarly, I also scanned through Warren Weekly, and found nothing in the two recent issues prior to the closing. Do tell me what obscure issue you found it in.
None the less, it is a stupid idea to have all Warren Libraries on the west half of the city, isn't it, Anonymous?
Libraries are supposed to be a reference service. They don't need fancy atriums and such to serve this purpose.

The Foolish Freudian Rocker said...

Kurt, you're right about no libraries on the Eastside of Warren. THat's actually the first thing I thought of, since Arthur Miller was or 4 years ago, but it was only moved half a mile north and about half a mile east. Really, it's only a little ways from the new Civic Center Library, which I think is extremely stupid. I think that Warren wants to be like other cities and just have one library (Troy, Sterling Heights, etc.). Personally, I like the branches system, since Warren is a fairly large city and deserves to be spread out. Also, I agree that the fancy atrium and everything is a bit over the top, the other libraries (Whitman, Busch, and the old Miller) were kind of cramped, though.
I found out about the move on the libraries webpage, as I don't read newspapers tjhat often, and don't usually go to Whitman.

Anonymous said...

The New Warren Civic Public Library LOOKS GREAT!!!! I can't wait until it OPENS!!!!

Anonymous said...

it looks nice. does anyone know when it opens

Anonymous said...

What I do not understand is why it did not close closer to the opening date of the new library. How long would it take to move the contents of the library? A week or 2? What if the book I wanter was at the whitman brach and now there is no way to transfer it to an open branch.

Anonymous said...

What days and hours will the Civic Center Library be open?

Joan G. said...

I like a lot about the new Civic Library. Some improvements could be:

Greeter at the new City Hall/Library should have an information stand and recognizable uniform, Vest, Name tag. etc.

papers and info normally found at the library should be in a more handy, well defined spot.(bulletin board. at the entrance.

There shoud be outside signs to lead to and identifly the book drop-off.

Are the floors different in the parking lot? City hall is 2 and parking is 3.