Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outside of a Dog, #92

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx.

Outside of a Dog, #92

In memory of Rosalie Kowalski, January 1943 – May 2010.

Baby, let’s play house: Elvis Presley and the women who loved him – Alanna Nash

Elvis Presley had a magnetic personality, not to mention the draw of celebrity that made him appeal to women everywhere. In this gossipy bio, author Nash talks with the famous and not-so-famous alike to show the rock star’s charms and tell the story of his love life.

Bio Presley WCV

The Elvis encyclopedia – Adam Victor

Comprehensive at the least, and exhaustive at the most, this encyclopedia has everything you’d want to know about the hip-swiveling singer. Devoted fans will love it!

Bio Presley WCV

Elvis, Viva Las Vegas [CD]

Featuring remastered tracks ranging from the title to “See See Rider” and “The Impossible Dream,” this limited-edition CD has the best-sounding audio of the King.

CD Voc Pop WMB

Elvis Presley, with profiles of Muddy Waters and Mick Jagger

A kids’ bio, this book is mostly bout Elvis, but has sidebars and info on the famous bluesman Muddy Waters, and the energetic rocker Mick Jagger, looking into how all three men inspired and encouraged each other.

JBio Presley WCV WMB

Me and a guy named Elvis – Jerry Schilling

Only a boy of 12 when he met Elvis (who was 19), Schilling describes in detail his life growing up with the legend. He later becomes part of the “Memphis Mafia” of friends Presley kept near and dear to him while his fame continued to grow, and talks candidly about the kind of movies and music the singer really wanted to make.

Bio Presley WCV WAM WMB

Elvis, by the Presleys: Intimate Stories – Priscilla Presley

A family memoir more than anything, this book has stories, pictures of reminiscences of Elvis’ wife, his daughter, and other close family members.

Bio Presley WCV WDB WMB

Elvis ’56

1956 was the year Elvis broke out into the world of music and gained recognition for his singing, dancing, and acting. This video of performances taped in between January 1956 and September 1956 has an hour of previously unaired footage, and the accompanying CD has all of the tracks, as well.



King Creole [VHS]

Elvis’ third and final movie shot only in black-and-white (the first was 1956’s “Love Me Tender”), he plays a rough-and-tumble teenager who has to drop out of school to help out his father. He becomes a singer for the money, and gets caught up in mob ties along the way.


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