Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In Memory Of Robert B. Parker

The literary world lost a great grand master of fiction yesterday, when author of the best-selling Spenser and Jesse Stone novels, Robert B. Parker, passed away of natural causes.

In memory of this prolific novelist, we suggest some of his latest and greatest titles.

The Godwulf Manuscript
The very first Spenser novel, this one introduces Spenser as a private detective on the job for a university; hired to find a famous and priceless illuminated manuscript.
Mys Parker WDB

Chasing the Bear: A Young Spenser Novel
Fans of the Spenser series are not privy to many details about the P.I.'s childhood or teen years, so 2009's "Chasing the Bear" begins to let the audience (and Spenser's love interest, Susan) in on the back story.
Fic Parker/ YA Fic Parker WCV

Night Passage
Parker's first Jesse Stone book follows the police chief (of a small town called Paradise, Massachusetts) as he tries to discover the circumstances surrounding the death of his predecessor. In a corrupt town like Paradise, where thugs and mobsters abound, will he get more than he bargained for?

Night and Day
The most recent Jesse Stone book finds the recovering alcoholic chief Stone trying to get to the bottom of a peeping tom, a mystery involving the middle school principal and her actions towards the 8th grade girls, and the manipulation of his ex-wife.
Mys Parker WCV WDB WAM

Family Honor
The first in a shorter series about Sunny Randall, Parker's first female protagonist. While it's made clear that Sunny is no Spenser, there are several quips and jokes that the Boston PI makes that remind readers of the familiar hero.
Mys Parker WCV WMB WAM


This is Parker's second Westen novel and the first in a trio about lawman Virgil Cole. Critics suggested that these novels refreshed Parker, and that when he returned to writing the Spenser and Stone books that came after this, they were better than ever!
Wes Pbk Par WMB
Wes Parker WCV WDB WAM

Before his death, Parker had finished a few books which will be releasing soon. Check with your local librarian for "Painted Ladies" and "Split Image."

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