Thursday, April 02, 2009

Walt Whitman - Shut Not Your Doors

Walt Whitman, for whom the Whitman branch library was named, was one of America's best known and sometimes controversial poets, not only in his own time, but also in the late 1990's, when his book Leaves of Grass became embroiled in the Clinton scandal. Here, one of his public domain poems - enjoy!

Shut Not Your Doors

Shut not your doors to me proud libraries,
For that which was lacking on all your well-fill'd shelves, yet
needed most, I bring,
Forth from the war emerging, a book I have made,
The words of my book nothing, the drift of it every thing,
A book separate, not link'd with the rest nor felt by the intellect,
But you ye untold latencies will thrill to every page.

A Most Jubilant Song; Inspiring Writings About the Wonderful World Around Us 811 W WCV

America the Beautiful in the Words of Walt Whitman 811.3 W WDB

Leaves of Grass 811 W WMB

The Selected Poems of Walt Whitman 811 Whitman WAM

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