Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's an mp3 Audiobook?

Audiobooks come in many forms: first, Cassettes (all Warren Libraries still have some!), Compact Discs, and most recently, the self-contained Playaway. The newest addition to our collections is an mp3 Audiobook, which allows you to have the entire book on one disc, instead of several!

mp3 files are small sound files, most recognized for being widely-accessible music files. Each one ranges from 1 megabytes to 5 megabytes, depending on the length of the song. Regular audiobooks on CD are in wav or wma files, which are much larger - usually 40 megabytes or more - which means that one CD can only fit 17 tracks. On an mp3 audiobook, the files are smaller, so you can fit more tracks on one CD!

mp3 audiobooks are playable on some CD players and car stereos (most new Ford models), and your computer (or any library computer).

Available mp3 audiobooks include:
Casanegra by Blair Underwood
Death Angel by Linda Howard
Killer View by Ridley Pearson
Tailspin by Catherine Coulter
No Choice But Seduction by Johanna Lindsey
Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner

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