Friday, July 25, 2008

This Book is Wicked!

Here at the Warren Public Library, we're starting a new series of book reviews. We hope you enjoy them!

Today's Book: Wicked Lovely, by Melissa Marr

The plot: Aislinn (pronounced ASH-linn) is your average teenage girl... who sees faeries. It was a gift passed down from her mother, who died young, and her grandmother, who now takes care of her. The problem Aislinn has is this: if the faeries know you can see them, you're in trouble.

Keenan is the Summer King of Faerie, a title that means he's responsible for all of the faeries allied with the Summer Court. The problem is, until he finds a Summer Queen who can withstand the cold of Keenan's caretaker, the Winter Queen, he can't possibly protect them all.

Donia used to be a Summer Girl, courted by Keenan hundreds of years ago. She tried to be the Summer Queen, but found herself frozen inside the Winter Court instead, cursed to stay cold until the true Summer Queen is found.

Keenan needs a Queen to conquer the cold that is taking over his Court. Donia wants to be free of the ice in her heart. Aislinn doesn't want anything but to be left alone. What happens when all three of their lives intersect?

Why You’ll Love It: This is a great Urban Fantasy book, along the same lines as Holly Black's Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside books, and recommended by the likes of Tamora Pierce (the Tortall series) and Charles de Lint (the Newford books). It's a quick read, at under 400 pages, and you'll be drawn in by both the lush details of the Summer Court and the creepy features of the Winter Court. (There's also a sequel - Ink Exchange - in case you get hooked on Marr's prose.)

Who Will/Should Read It: Wicked Lovely is regarded as a YA book, but adults can (and will!) read it, too. Try this is you need something to read while waiting for Breaking Dawn (due out August 2nd.)


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