Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Than Just Books!

Opposing Viewpoints

On the left hand side of the Warren Library Website you’ll see a link called Databases. Give it a click and scroll down the screen until you spot “Opposing Viewpoints” (3rd from the bottom) It’s one of our absolute favorite databases. Here’s why…

Opposing Viewpoints offers over 250 topics of current and often controversial interest. It includes essay with both pro and con positions, full text magazine and newspaper articles, excerpts from reference books, pictures, primary sources, and a selection of web sites related to the subject. Each source gives a complete bibliographic citation.

If you don’t see your topic listed on the first screen, you can do a subject or keyword search and find related information. It covers everything from abortion to youth. Some of the material is on a more scholarly level but there is also information that would be useful to junior high or high school students. If you’re determined to snag an “A” on a term paper, this database certainly is your secret weapon.

We enthuastically recommend it for term papers, debate topics, and current events. It's available from your home computer too. We guarantee you will be overwhelmed with the amount of material offered. Even if you’re not officially doing research but just want to gain a little more understanding of an issue this is a great spot to begin. Topics such as death, divorce, animal rights, gambling, gangs, war crimes, water pollution and many more are covered in great detail.

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